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Memorial Day Team Golf Events

Lacoma Golf will host separate and different Team Golf events each day of Memorial Day weekend!   These events will be 18 hole, four player Best Shot (Scramble) events staged on our championship Blue course with tee times running from 8 AM to 3 PM each day.  Prizes will be awarded by flight, so golfers of all skill levels have a chance to win.  The cost for these events will be $49 per player ($30 for members).  

Memorial Day Event Line-up

Saturday, May 25 - Four Player Best Shot (Scramble)

Sunday, May 26 - Four Player Step Back Best Shot (Scramble)

Monday, May 27 - Four Player Red, White and Blue Best Shot (Scramble)


Call to Action: Get your team together and sign-up now!


Event Format Details

Four Player Best Shot:  A regular best shot, each player hits his/her own tee shot.  Players select the location of the best tee shot.  All players play their second shot from that location.  Subsequent shots follow this same pattern with all players hitting from the same location.

Four Player Red, White and Blue Best Shot:  Each hole has only one set of tees (Red, White or Blue). Each team member plays from the same tee (as there is only one!).  The color of the tee box does not necessarily correspond to its typically position.  This makes hole length and difficulty quite variable (and fun).

Four Player Step Back Best Shot:  One the first hole of the front nine, each team member plays from the Red tee (which are in their traditional position - up front).  If the team makes a par or worse they remain on the Red tee for the next hole; if the team makes a birdie or better, they Step Back to the next longest tee (Gold at Lacoma).  Birdie number two and Step Back again (to the White tee).  If your team strings together a bunch of birdies, you'll quickly find yourself on the Blue tees.  If your team manages a four-player-best-shot-bogey (or, shudder, worse), you get to Step Forward to the next easiest tee.  Repeat this process for the rest of the front nine.  On number ten, all players, again, start on the Red tee and repeat the process from the front nine. 




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