Sep 20, 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lacoma Golf Ryder Cup Tournament

Have you always wanted to play in the Ryder Cup, but not managed to get an invite to represent the U.S. and play in front of thousands of cheering fans?  At Lacoma Golf, we offer the next best thing:  Our first ever Ryder Cup format tournament.  This two-player, Team Golf event is played in three different Ryder Cup-like formats over 27 holes (details below).  Your $59 entry fee covers green fees, cart fees, skins, and prizes so this event offers fantastic value.   And this event is flighted so everyone has a chance to win!  This event also includes an optional skins game with separate skins awarded for each individual format (three in total).   
Season Pass Holders Pay Less!
Pass holders: $40.50 Cart Owners: $25.00 Tee times are limited so get signed up today and call: 815-747-3874

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Lacoma Ryder Cup Formats
Blue Course – Front : Two Player Best Ball – Both team members play their own ball during this event.  However, on each hole, only lowest of the two scores is recorded. Blue Course – Back: Two Player Best Shot – Standard two-person best shot (or scramble) format. Red Course: Two Player Modified Alternating Shot – Both players tee off on each hole, the team then selects the best tee shot and alternate shots (with the player who’s tee shot was not selected) until they reach the green.  Both players putt from each location.    

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