League Golf at Lacoma

League golf provides a fantastic way to enjoy a round of golf with your golfing buddies in a fun and friendly environment. In addition, through league golf you will make new friends that will be with you for the rest of your life.  At Lacoma Golf, with 12 different leagues, we offer a league golf experience for golfers of all interests and experience levels. Whether you seek a competitive team golf experience or a non-competitive league where fun and camaraderie are the focus, Lacoma has league golf options for you.

League Golf Participation

You can participate in league golf at Lacoma in a number of different ways:

  • Get a team together and join a league – League golf is played in two or four player teams – usually with a substitute or two.  For the 2020 golf season we have openings in a number of leagues – see the left sidebar on this page for details on the specific leagues.  If you see a league that interests you or you just want more information on a league, click the link below or call (815) 747-3874.
  •  Become a golf league free agent – If you don’t have enough players to form a team or you don’t want to commit to a full league schedule, become a League Free Agent.  If you want to play on a team, Lacoma’s professional staff will pair you with golfers of similar interests.  Or you can become part of our league substitute pool.  Being a substitute provides league golfers with flexibility and allows you to play in more than one league.  Click on the link below and tell us a little bit about yourself or call (815) 747-3874.
  • Bring your league to Lacoma – If you manage an existing league at another facility and are considering a change of venue or are considering starting your own golf league, we’d love to help.  Call (815) 747-3874 and ask for Keith or Will to discuss your league golf options at Lacoma.

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