Jun 27, 2021


8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lucky Sevens Team Golf Event

Are you feeling Lucky?

Lacoma team golf events allow you and three of your golfing buddies to play together in a fun format against other teams.  The Lucky Seven format combines team and individual play in a creative way, a way that will add, measurably, to your supply of golf stories.  The Lucky Seven format is described below.   The entry fee that includes green fees, cart fees, and prizes is only $49 per player (less for pass holders).  And, like all Lacoma Team Golf events, Lucky Seven is flighted so everyone has a chance to win.

Event Details

Time/Date:  Sunday, June 27.  Tee times from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Format:  18 holes, Lucky Seven (see below)

Venue:  Lacoma’s Blue Course

Cost:  $49 per player entry fee includes green fees, cart fees, prizes, and skins game.

Lucky Seven Team Golf

In Lucky Seven, Lacoma will assign each hole a playing card that will determine the format for that specific hole.  Three holes are assigned Aces, three Kings, three Queens, three Jacks, four Sevens, and two Jokers.  Before play, the team will assign each member a Face Card.   

Face Card Holes 

On Face Card holes, the player holding the corresponding card plays their own ball, while his/her teammates play a three-player best shot.  Add the two resulting scores for the team’s total score.  

Seven Card Holes 

All players play their own ball. The team’s score is the total of the two lowest scores. 

Joker Holes 

All players play their own ball. The team’s score is the total of the two highest scores. 

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