Hole #2

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Gold Course, Hole 2

530 yard par 5. A long uphill par 5, number two is a slight left dogleg bordered by mature trees on the left and smaller trees on the right. The exceptionally long, narrow green is separated from the fairway by a small valley that is quite steep greenside. The green itself is angled relative to the fairway so that it runs from the front left to the back right of the hole and is sheltered by a bank on the left. Additionally, the green has two distinct lobes that in combination with the narrow nature of the putting surface can result in a putt with no direct line to the hole.

Tips from the Pro
Playing to the left side of the fairway will shorten up the hole considerably. This tee strategy will require you to cut the corner of the left dogleg, bringing the trees on the left into play. The landing area on the right side of the fairway is generous, but a tee shot played there lengthens the hole considerably. The second shot is very open, but sticking to the right side of the fairway will set up your third shot nicely. Your approach to the vast putting surface is critical. Failure to carry your third shot to the green and you will likely end up in the bottom of the valley short of the green. Being on the wrong lobe can result in a 200 foot putt with no direct line to the cup. Read your putt carefully as there a number of possible breaks in the hummocky green.

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