Hole #3

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Blue Course, Hole 3

440 yard par 4. A long, difficult dogleg right guarded by bunkers on both sides of the landing area and trees on the right that significantly restrict corner-cutting tee shots. The landing area is generous on the left side, but tee shot to that side will leave a long approach shot. The large, elevated green slopes sharply toward the front.

Tips from the Pro
Longer hitters can play directly over the right fairway bunker for a perfectly positioned approach shot. Be careful, however, as a shot that is even slightly errant to the right could leave you in jail, behind a large tree. In addition, carrying the right bunker is extremely difficult if the tees are back. A more conservative play is to aim for the generous left side of the fairway – the downside to this strategy is a very long (200 yards + approach shot). Target your approach shot to be short of the pin as the green slopes severely back-to-front.
A putt from above the hole on number three is a frightening

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