Hole #8

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Gold Course, Hole 8

180 yard par 3. From the elevated tee on number 8, you get a panoramic view of the golf course and the surrounding countryside – you can even see the wooded bluffs that line the Mississippi in neighboring Dubuque. Don’t let the view distract you from the matter at hand: playing a challenging downhill par 3. The green rests on relatively flat area about half way down the hill. Sand traps on both sides of the green perform a dual role guarding the narrow green and keeping your ball from running down the hill into the trees if you miss the green.

Tips from the Pro
The long narrow nature of the green and the downhill shot require careful attention to club selection. On windy days, the high exposed hill magnifies the effects of the wind. Taken together, these elements can change your club selection by three of four clubs.

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