Hole #14

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Blue Course, Hole 14

377 yard par 4. Another tight, forest lined par 4. The forest is tightest near the front of the tee shoot landing area and the green. The widest spot on the fairway is the center-left of the landing area. The green is relatively small and flat and is bordered by banks on the left and in back.

Tips from the Pro.
Number 14 is the course’s second straight hole where the best location for your driver is in your bag. For best results off the tee, play a fairway wood or long iron to left side of the wide part of the landing area. Drives played to the right side of the fairway risk being beneath the boughs of the tall trees that line the fairway, forcing a long bump-and-run shot. The green is flat by Lacoma’s standards – a definite birdie hole if you keep it out of the trees.

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